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Anyone must have experienced any plugged nose issues, either children or adults. The presence of a plugged nose has become a part of daily life for most people, depending on the level of health awareness of the individual.

However, the condition of a plugged is mostly influenced by a variety of ailments, such as a cold, flu or sinus infection.

Some of those diseases may increase the potential for a plugged nose as they cause an inflammation and swelling of the lining of the nasal cavity and sinuses.

A cold is a natural response of the body to fight against germs and viruses that try to invade the body, within a week; usually, a cold suffered by a person may subside by itself. Therefore, the plugged nose may disappear along with the one’s recovery from a cold.

A plugged nose is known to occur when the individual suffering from a cold, even though it can be cured by itself, but the condition of a plugged nose can bother your life as it causes difficulty in breathing and makes you hard to sleep.

Therefore, you need to apply some of the actions on how to get rid of a plugged nose.

How to Get Rid of a Plugged Nose Naturally

To treat a plugged nose condition, you should avoid the consumption of medicines, otherwise try to use the natural home remedies that widely available.

You do not have to worry about the effectiveness of this remedy because many people have proven the results obtained to get rid of a plugged nose using this way.

The following are some of the remedies that you can do at home to get rid of a plugged nose due to a cold, the method is safe, either for children or adults, but, of course, use it in a certain way.

How to Relieve a Plugged Nose for Adults

1.    Eat Spicy Foods

When you are suffering from a plugged nose, try to have an intake of spicy foods, if you loved the spicy foods, you may get real help to get rid of mucus causes a plugged nose.

Spicy foods are natural agents that work by stimulating the thick mucus inside your nose and making it into watery and easy to remove.

You can mix your spicy dishes or buy at a restaurant that provides various spicy foods, chicken soup or ginger is an additional option to help in getting rid of a blocked nose.

2.    Warm Compress

You can prepare a warm compress to help get rid of a blocked nose that you have. Soak a small towel in a bowl of warm water, then squeeze the water in the towel.

Put the towel on your nose and let it stay for a few minutes until the towel reaches its cool temperature, repeat several times to get relief from a plugged nose.

3.    Inhale Steam

This is an easy way to eliminate nasal congestion, simply prepare a basin of hot water and breathe slowly over the basin, do not forget to cover the back of your head with a the towel to optimize the treatment.

4.    Apply Inhaler or Balm

If you have a supply of medicines in your home, including inhaler, balm and eucalyptus oil, you can apply them to help in getting rid of a blocked nose due to a cold.

Inhale the inhaler make your breath to relief, in addition you can apply a balm or eucalyptus oil around the neck, chest and nose and feel the difference.

How to Relieve a Plugged Nose for Babies

There are various distinct ways to deal with a blocked nose in babies, apart from adults. Moreover, this is as a complementary.

1.    Using Tissue

This is an easy way to clear mucus in infants, in case you have difficulty in getting the snot vacuum for babies. Fold the tissue with making the tip slightly tapered. Enter into the nostrils of your child carefully and remove the snot.

2.    Snot Vacuum or Nasal Aspirator

Drugstore is a place where you can buy a snot vacuum for babies. Clean the tip of the vacuum before use it on your child's nose.


That was some of the methods that we have outlined to assist you in dealing with a plugged nose condition. If you have a cold more than 10 days, then the best way is to consult your doctor for better treatment.

There is a possibility that you the common cold that you have is a symptom of a more severe disease. Hopefully, this information is helpful to you.

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